Wienerwald Ultra Trail: Triple WUT

Take on the challenge of an ultramarathon in the Wienerwald with the Triple WUT at the Wienerwald Ultra Trail!

The Wienerwald Ultra Trail is the first series of ultra trail races at the gates of Vienna, the Triple WUT is a looped course starting and finishing at the main square in Purkersdorf. While Vienna doesn't have the imposing mountains that can be found in the other parts of Austria, the Triple WUT is an undulating course throughout that shouldn't be underestimated and will certainly test you. The route starts from Purkersdorf and then heads into a steep climb up to Rehgrabenerg, the route then heads down downhill until the route climbs again at Konigswinkelberg. The route continues to head away from Purkersdorf with a few undulating kilometers, before it climbs again at Klosterberg, as the route begins to head back to Purkersdorf it climbs again at Mittlerer Steinberg followed by Heinratsberg - all in quick succession. The route then heads downhill before a final and steady climb to Troppberg. The route is largely downhill for the final stretch as it heads back to Purkersdorf. The Triple WUT is 3 loops of the route, it awards 5 ITRA points and is a UTMB qualifying race.

Next edition of the Double WUT: 11/09/2020 at 20:00


Check out the Wienerwald Ultra Trail website for more information and how to register for the race. Alternatively, head back to the race calendar to find more trail races in Austria.