Wien Rundumadum - Dreiviertel G'schicht

The 88 km edition covers approvimately three quarters of the Wien Rundumadum - a circular hiking route that circumnavigates Vienna. The route starts at Sportcenter Donaucity where it follows the Donauinsel for the first section before the climb to Leopoldsberg. After reaching Leopoldsberg, the route largely follows undualting trails as it takes runners through the Wienerwald on a series of climbs and descents. After leaving the trails of the Wienerwald the route takes runners on a paved route around the south of Vienna before crossing over the Danube and then follows the Danube as the route heads back to Sportcenter Donaucity for the finish.

This years edition is slightly different than usual to comply with COVID-19 regulations. Check the Wien Rundumadum website for more info.

Next edition of the Wien Rundumadum - Dreiviertel G'schicht: 31/10/2020 at 08:30


Check out the Wien Rundumadum website for more information and how to register for the race. Alternatively, head back to the race calendar to find more trail races in Austria.